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Digital Printing & Finishing
(see Equipment for printers specifications)
Manuals, Recipe Books, Posts cards,
Business cards, Reto-Verso printoing,
Brouchers plus all your finishing

SPIRAL 4:1 (Coil) binding:
Spiral books lie flat.
Spiral and wire binding books folded back
on themselves saving valuable space.



WIRE 2:1 - 3:1
Wire permits the pages to rotate a full
360 degrees allowing a book to take up
half as much space on a crowded desk.

Wire binding is used for security in documents which should not be tampered with.
The elements cannot be removed without
destroying them. It is not easy to add or replace pages without them being noticed.


These are the three most common
binding systems in use.
If your interested in something different
please don't hesitate to ask.


"bookletmaking" is common for small booklets, calendars, pocket-size address books,
and some magazines. Several sheets of paper are folded (the fold becomes the spine of the booklet)
and two or more staples are placed in the fold.

When the document is too large for saddle-stitching
it may be side-stitched or side stapled. The staples are placed about 1/4" or so from the edge. Side-stitched books can't be opened flat and extra allowance is needed in the inner margin.

saddle stitch