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Tips for Creating Quality Posters

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Set up your documents to the final size
or in proportion.

If your final print will be 24” x 36”,
set up your document page size to 24”x 36”.
Or you could set it up to 1/2 scale = 12” x 18” or 1/4 scale = 6” x 9”.

Don’t create images with too much
or too little resolution.

Suggested minimum resolution = 180 pixels per inch at actual size (100%).
CMYK or RGB color space.

Text & Fonts – use standard fonts
To avoid text shifting during printing, use only standard fonts such as Arial,
Times New Roman, and Symbol in your poster.
Whenever possible, convert text to outlines before submitting
your file, or generating a pdf.

Final Inspection
On your computer, look at your page at 100%. It should be crisp and sharp.

Viewing distance can also determine what resolution is used.
An image used on a billboard, for example,
may only be 75 dpi at the final printed size.
If your poster is seen from a distance,
slight imperfections will not be noticeable.